Dr. Evermor …. Trash to Treasure

“We’re only here a short time. We’ve got to leave this planet something. We’ve got to leave it a little better than we found it.” —Dr. Evermor


Let your imagine soar as you walk through Dr. Evermor’s Art Park, weaving your way among sculptures both small and gigantic! We discovered Doc Evermor (as we call him and his sculpture park) by chance while on a trip to visit friends in nearby Baraboo.


Doc Evermor is an imaginary character Tom Every created for himself. Tom had a salvage business for scrap industrial metal equipment such as car parts, electronics, barges, railroad engines, power plants, even a decontamination chamber from the Apollo mission.

Eventually he began creating incredible sculptures and creatures with salvaged materials. Some are are massive like Doc Evermor’s centerpiece, the Evertron, 50 feet high and weighing over 300 ton. (June’s brother wanted to be married under the Evertron. Her sister won that discussion and their beautiful wedding was in a forest.) Our favorites are the full orchestra with a conductor and bird musicians each with its own musical instrument, and the “swamp creatures” stepping out of the high grass into the park.  We had the pleasure of talking with Doc Evermor during one of our visits to the park with friends from Missouri. We also know folks who own his art works — some pieces are for sale when you visit.

Doc Evermor’s sculpture park is located behind Delaney’s Surplus, across the highway from the Badger Army Ammunition Factory on State Highway 12, seven miles south of Baraboo, Wisconsin and seven miles north of Prairie du Sac.  There is no cost for you to enter the park and spend as much time walking among the sculptures. The park offers Wisconsin Fun an easy day trip from the Greater Milwaukee or Madison areas, in one of Wisconsin’s most beautiful areas of hills and valleys.

Check out the web site http://worldofdrevermor.com/ for visiting hours.